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Filmmaker Magazine

Filmmaker Magazine

The Women of SXSW: I Believe in Unicorns Writer/Director Leah Meyerhoff
by Danielle Lurie

Leah Meyerhoff is the definition of "independent filmmaker."

For her debut feature, I Believe in Unicorns, Meyerhoff cast rising talents Natalia Dyer and Peter Vack, moved her production to her childhood home in San Francisco, and sprinkled fairy pixie dust (figuratively and literally) all over her film set. Shot on a combination of Super16mm and Super8mm film, Unicorns is a poignant and heartfelt story of what it means to be a teenage girl. Beneath the beautifully whimsical fantasy sequences lie truisms of awkward, vulnerable, and complex adolescence. Drawing on stories from Leah's own childhood and casting her own mother Toni Meyerhoff alongside indie veterans Julia Garner and Amy Seimetz, I Believe in Unicorns is one of the most authentic and down-to-earth coming of age stories I've seen in cinema.

Filmmaker: Why this movie? Why did you decide to do it?

Meyerhoff: I wanted to tell a story about an authentic, independent, imaginative teenage girl, as seen through her eyes. Growing up, I did not recognize myself in many of the female characters on screen, and I wanted to create a film that I wish I had the chance to see when I was a teenager.

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