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Beyond Wine And Cheese
by Yvonne Dutchover

"DollHouse Gallery acts as a juncture where art and everyday life collide."

Leah Meyerhoff, the founder of DollHouse Gallery, created an art space in her apartment because "I was interested in creating an alternative to the standard white cube, wine-and-cheese sort of gallery." In fact, DollHouse "is actually more of an art space than a gallery. Our last event was a costume party as well as an art opening. The artwork included sculpture, giant inflatables; performance, a durational performance in the bathtub, a girl duct taped to a wall, etc.; video projection; and photography. I am interested in turning the events themselves into artwork, rather than just have an audience look at/buy art from a distanced perspective."

When asked what kinds of work Dollhouse exhibits, Meyerhoff responded, "All kinds. All mediums. All subject matter. Our next event will be a film screening consisting of narrative films [and] videos as well as installations." Meyerhoff listed some of the challenges she faces: "Not letting the bureaucracy overwhelm the art, financial considerations, crowd control." The rewards include "Changing the way people perceive art and how it should be viewed. Getting to work with talented artists." And finally, "art is its own reward."

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