Uncompleted Works

by Leah Meyerhoff

Leah was recently interviewed by Merrel Davis about using her short film Twitch to gain traction towards making a feature.

Uncompleted Works

Leah has been gracious enough to share a bit of her insight on her short filmmaking and how it has prepared her for her first feature length film. So, let’s get into it!

Merrel: What were the circumstances surrounding the production of Twitch? When you set out to make Twitch did you have a particular endgame in mind, like getting distribution or simply visibility?

Leah: I made Twitch while I was studying at NYU. I’ve always thought it best when filmmakers “write what they know” so I began with a very personal story and then expanded out from there.

- Merrel Davis
Uncompleted Works

Check out the full interview here.