Evil City Panel

by Leah Meyerhoff

Leah is speaking on a panel at the Evil City Film Fest

6:30pm Sunday October 7 2007
Fontana’s Bar
105 Eldridge St.
New York, NY

Evil City
Susan Buice (FOUR EYED MONSTERS), Arin Crumley (FOUR EYED MONSTERS), Leah Meyerhoff (TEAM QUEEN), Danielle DiGiacomo (INDIEPIX), Ingrid Kopp (SHOOTING PEOPLE)

Lifestyles of the Not-So-Rich and Almost Famous: Indie Filmmakers Tell All

A conversation with Susan Buice and Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters), Jerry Rapp (Mojave Phone Booth) Danielle DiGiacomo (IndiePix) and Leah Meyerhoff (Team Queen, Twitch) about their film festival experiences and Web 2.0.

Hosted by Shooting People’s Ingrid Kopp.

Evil City
Leah Meyerhoff (TEAM QUEEN), Danielle DiGiacomo (INDIEPIX), Billy Saleebey (ROLLING), Jerry Rapp (MOJAVE PHONE BOOTH)

Evil City
Danielle DiGiacomo (INDIE PIX), Stu Van Airsdale (THE REELER), Karina Longworth (SPOUT), Pamela Cohn (RENEW MEDIA), Mike Tully (INDIEWIRE)

Evil City
Leah Meyerhoff (TEAM QUEEN) and Pamela Cohn (STILL IN MOTION)

Evil City
Leah Meyerhoff (TEAM QUEEN), Danielle DiGiacomo (INDIEPIX)

Evil City
Arin Crumley (FOUR EYED MONSTERS), Brian Gonzalez, Leah Meyerhoff (TEAM QUEEN)

This was definitely one of the stranger panels I have been on in a while. In the basement of a bar in Chinatown, it felt like we should be playing pool and drinking whiskey instead of talking about distribution. Even so, the discussion was interesting, I learned a lot and it is always nice to see old friends (and make new ones!) As an added bonus, Team Queen won Best Music Video the next night and I rocked out at the awards ceremony (in midtown no less). Hmmm. Maybe E.vil City Film Fest doesn’t stand for East Village Film Festival after all!

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Other Evil City panels:

Sat Oct 6, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Scoring School: Music in Film
A conversation with Craig Wedren and Randy Woolf, hosted by Joe McGinty.

Craig Wedren scored School of Rock, Wet Hot American Summer, Reno 911!: Miami, and is the front man of the legendary band Shudder to Think.

Randall Woolf has collaborated with art-rock pioneer John Cale on film scores such as American Psycho, Otherworld, Saint Cyr.

Joe McGinty, founder of The Loser’s Lounge, has done arrangement, composition and production for Malcolm in the Middle and The Daily Show.

Sun Oct 7, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Blog Till You Bleed
Indie films top bloggers gather to talk about the power of the Blog and its influence on the Independent Film world.

Stu Van Airsdale – The Reeler
Pamela Cohn – Still in Motion, Filmmaker, Renew Media
Mike Tully – Boredom at Its Boredest, Indiewire
Karina Longworth – Spout, Cinematical

Moderated by Mark Rabinowitz, Rabbi Report & Indiewire Founder